Free header; Lovely

Blog header Lovely
you can find the matching background here.
(Enlarge the header before saving)

Feel free to use this blog header,
and I ♥ a link back to VintageMadeForYou


Terry said...

I love it wowwzersss
Hugs Terry xxxx

Linnea said...

Thank you :)

Tanya said...

wonderful many thanks

Linnea said...

Thanks !!

ZEYNEP said...

Hi from Turkey this is my first visit you are wonderful your blog is wonderful i liked all of them but i couldnt take a header from you :( just i wanted to get a header for my blog but i couldnt do if you help me i will be so happy
have a nice day

Linnea said...

Thank you!
I'm so glad you like my backgrounds and headers. :)
Enlarge the header you want to use and save it on your computer.
Then just go to Design and upload it.
Good luck!
Have a nice weekend!

Jennifer said...

Hello Linneas,

Your work is so beautiful...I have just changed my header and background to your 'Lovely'. Thank you so much.

However, although the header is perfect, the background does not extend all the way to the top. It cuts off most of the birdies, just leaving the tails.

Would you mind taking a look at my blog, and advise me as to what I need to do to remedy the problem...'Lovely' is so pretty, I really want to use it.

Many thanks,
Jennifer. x

Jennifer said...

It's me again, Linneas...I was going to say "ignore the last email", but certainly not the parts about 'Lovely' being so beautiful.

My wonderful husband has spent several hours working on my blog template, and has finally solved the problem I had with only a partial background. Now it looks so pretty.

I will put your blinkie on my side bar tomorrow, as I will probably need my husband's help, and he is watching a movie at the moment.

Jennifer. x

Linnea said...

Thank you Jennifer for your kind comments :)I'm so glad you solved the problem and want to use my background :)
I hope you get a wonderful new year!!
<3 Linnea