About Me and VintageMadeForYou

This blog's fairytale began in 2009 
and since then it has only continued thanks to all of you wonderful people 
who are here and comment and spreads so good atmosphere on my blog. 
As long as you enjoy what I do
continues the blog to be here for you all
with lots of free content.

Terms of Use

Free backgrounds and more to Blogger.
Don't do any changes in the layouts.
Don't sell anything on this side.
Don't remove my logo.
My free work are only for your personal use
and not for anything you have in mind to sell.

Can I use the backgrounds and more 

on all blogs and sites? 

I do all my backgrounds to suit Blogger. 
So that's probably where the code is working best.
 But the answer is that in most cases it works just fine on other platforms as well. 
 My advice is to try and see how it works on your blog.

Custom Blog backgrounds

From moment to moment I am asked if I make custom blog backgrounds. 
The answer is, I've done it and now do it more and more seldom. 
Because I now have more focus on my photography and haven't enough time for both. 

Comments with commercial links

I love your comments so much but don't add:
➔ links to pages where you sell something or to your stores.
 ➔ I will remove all comments that advertise your business.
This is because I have received a lot advertisement comments
not genuine comments from you readers. Them will I of course still have :)
 (If I misunderstand your intentions and you may think that I have taken away something incorrectly.
I beg your pardon, in such cases be free to leave a new comment but without a link).