Free image; Thinking

I know I have a lot of scrapbooking friends among my followers.
So today I thought especially on you with this image "Thinking :)

Do you want to create something beautiful such as a card or other scrapbooking projects
with this image. Show it to me and everyone else through the linkbox below.
I do the images but becomes so seldom opportunity to see what you do with them ..
I'm so curious .. 'smiling'..
Take the chance and link your work.
How to do:
"Link to your blog post, not to your blog"
"Create something with the image above
digitally.. or with paper.. whatever"


Ageeth Holster said...

THE image is really Beautiful! I Will download iT and Will send my card lateron thank you very much.

Linneas Atelje said...

Thank you :) I look forward to see what you create!

Ann said...

Thank you for the beautiful creations you share with us. Hope you like my card. Would love for you to stop by blog and leave a comment. Hugs

Linneas Atelje said...

Hi Ann! Of course I look into your blog! I'm so curious to see what you have created. :)

Linneas Atelje said...

Hi aisha alfajri. Your link went to a business page. Have you linked wrong? If so you are welcome with a new link to your contribution instead, something you have made ​​with the image above.