Free blog background: Shabby Chic

Free blog background 

Shabby Chic 

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You can always see my latest background live HERE.  

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<style type="text/css">body {background-image:url("");background-position:center;background-repeat:no-repeat;background-attachment:fixed;}</style><center> <div id="tag" style="position:absolut center; left:0px; top:0px; width:150px; height:45px;"> <a href="" target="_blank"> <img border="0" src=" " /> </a></div></center><center>Free background from<a href=""> VintageMadeForYou</a></center>


Rose M. Rodriguez said...

Gracias! Siempre utilizo sus trabajos y son fabulosos! gracias por su generosidad! Rose M .

janice15 said...

Lovely you make such wonderful things with love Janice

VardagsBalans said...

Thank you Rose for your kind comment :)

VardagsBalans said...

Thanks Janice, I'm so glad you like my art :)

Edith DUTERTRE said...

merci de ton passage
et du partage
mille bisous France
edith (iris)

Ans Gilbert said...

Thank you for this wonderful LO, I've used it on my blog,

VardagsBalans said...

Merci Iris :)

VardagsBalans said...

Thank you Ans!
I'm so glad you do :)

Edith DUTERTRE said...

merci de ton passage
et de tes voeux pour ma neuropathie musculaire
je marche encore un petit peu , mais c'est dur
et comme c'est évolutif
je croise les doigts
à bientôt
bonne journée
gros bisous

VardagsBalans said...

Have a wonderful day Iris!

Homes Direct 365 said...

nice artwork Linneas! I will use one of these on our shabby chic themed blog setup recently!

Unknown said...

Hi, your images are so beautiful and well done! Great work! Though, I am wondering if you have any knowledge about the girl in this image, or was it a random vintage find? She looks like she could be an ancestor of mine!

VardagsBalans said...

Hi Feather!
I don't know who the girl in the picture is, but I've seen her in more pictures from that time. I have thought that it may be the photographer's daughter who has acted as a model.