Free blog header to Blogger 2 and 3 columns; Christmas

Blog header Christmas,
you can find the matching background here.
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Feel free to use this blog header,
and I ♥ a link back to VintageMadeForYou


Cheryl said...

Hi, Linneas!

You create wonderful works of art! I want to say thank you for letting us use it!

I have a question, when I put this header on my blog there is white strips on each side, how do I get rid of the white? I did try cropping but there is still a little of the white left and the image is off center. I have seen the tutorial on how make it centered but was wondering how do I get rid of the white?

Thanks again!
Take care.
Cheryl's Christmas Chattels

Cheryl said...

I figured out it is when I put my blogs name on it that for some reason the white strips go on there too. Oh well. I will keep working on it.

Linnea said...

I think you've written your blog name in Blogger. Do as this:
*Click on the header you want, so it comes up in the largest size.
*Save on your coputer.
*Now, write your blog name on the header in an image-editing program.
*When this is done, upload your header again in the blog.

Now, I think it will work.
Good luck and thanks for using one of my backgrounds.

Melly said...

Everithing is beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us! Happy new year!

Linnea said...

Thanks Melly
Have a happy new year!

Kat's Purrfect Boutique said...

Hi, I want to use this lovely header with the background,but the header shows white on both sides. I have enlarged it to fit in the header spot. I'd crop the white part but the white part doesn't show when I go to edit it in a photo editing program.

Here is a link to show how it looks:

please email me at

Linnea said...

Hi Katharine!
You have an answer in your mailbox :)
// Linnea