Free background to Blogger 2 and 3 columns; Baby blue

Free background Baby blue 
you can find the matching blog header here.

.A light blue background in a romantic style.
<style type="text/css">body {background-image:url("");background-position:center;background-repeat:no-repeat;background-attachment:fixed;}</style><center>
<div id="tag" style="position:absolut center; left:0px; top:0px; width:150px; height:45px;">
<a href="" target="_blank">
<img border="0" src=" " />
</a></div></center><center>Free background from<a href=""> VintageMadeForYou</a></center>


Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Not sure why I haven't come across your wonderful blog before, as I'm always searching for new and unique backgrounds, but so glad I found you. Your backgrounds are gorgeous! I am now following and looking forward to your new designs in the future. I used the "Old Time Lady" background on my The True Book Addict blog.

Thanks for the beauty!

Linneas Atelje said...

Thank you for your following, I hope you will find several nice backgrounds in the future in my blog. Nice to hear from you.
Have a nice day.