Gadget: To my blog friends

How wonderful it is that so many people visiting my blog
and that I have received my hundredth follower.
From me to you, have a really nice new year.
and fill it with a lot of blogging and perhaps my backgrounds.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 100th follower! Your images are truly wonderful as is your entire blog.

Jacque said...

Parabéns, querida Linnea ! 100 seguidores !
Vou levar seu presente pra o Blog JARDIM DAS BORBOLETAS.



AN said...

Tämä sinun blogisi ja pohjasi ovat todella kauniita :))
Jatka samalla tavalla-

Anonymous said...

You too. I am loving your blog its gorgeous
hugs June xxx

Linneas Atelje said...

Thank you for your lovely comments.
// Linnea