Free blog header to 3 columns Minima; To my beloved.

Blog header To my beloved, bakgrund finns här
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Anonymous said...

OH, this is BEAUTIFUL! I shall use this to house one of my poems or verses, and when I do, I will leave credit to you for the background and link to your lovely blog!

Linnea said...

Hey Paula!
I am so glad that you like my blog. Thank you for your kind words. I have a small question for you. On your blog Tattered Gold, you have such a fine cursors with glitter. Where have you found it? I would love to have this on one of my blogs.
:) Linnea

Gill said...

this is the second time I have used one of your headers and they are so perfect for my blog. I paint, sew and grow roses

Linnea said...

Thank you Gill!
I'm so glad you like that I do!♥
Have a nice day! :)