At the top a card made ​​by my scrapbooking sheets that I sell in my shop Linneas Atelje.
Most of my sheet are just as suitable to digital as paper work.
At the bottom you can see a collection map from my latest collection 'Vintage & Shabby'.

And then a funny thing :)
Do you want to see how it was when I made my last background 'Green Garden'?
Yeah, then look at this link:
As I have said before ;) you should not always believe what you see.
Especially not here on VintageMadeForYou ....  'smiles'.
Did you know that you can stay updated on what I'm doing on my Facebook?
Here it's about scrapbooking, photography and so all my backgrounds
of course ...
Hugs Linnea


Amy said...

Such pretty things! You do lovely work.

Linneas Atelje said...

Thank you Amy!
Have a nice day :)